10 Small Wellbeing Changes to Make This Year – Part 1

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Sometimes the smallest steps can have the biggest impact. Often when we try to change our health and wellbeing for the better we decide to take drastic action and make huge lifestyle changes that often are too hard, too big or unrealistic to sustain.

By making some small changes, you could improve your daily and long term health and wellbeing and because they are small steps the chances are you will keep to them, and it will inspire you to make further improvements when you see the positive results.

Here are our first five suggestions to a healthier and happier life … 

  • Switch off – try to have screen downtimes throughout the day and especially an hour or two before bed. We are so used to being connected that we feel things will fall apart the moment we are away from our screens. In fact the opposite is true, we can achieve better sleep, deeper face to face connections, less stress and experience real meaningful rest when we schedule in some much needed time away from screens.
  • Start with healthy breakfast – by starting the day with something healthy, you are more likely to make better choices throughout the day when it comes to food. How often when you have a large breakfast are you super hungry again only a few hours later and in the lead up to lunch. Find a breakfast that you like that releases carbs slowly so you will feel fuller for longer. 
  • Meditate – life is just non-stop and trying to switch off and transition from one adult responsibility to the next can be super hard. Meditation is such an valuable activity to give time to, and although you may feel a little silly at first the benefits are immense. Just a few proven benefits are it can reduce stress, improve memory and concentration and promote emotional wellness. Just ten minutes a couple of times a day can have a massive impact especially during major transition times such as from work mode to dad/husband mode – it doesn’t need to be all bells and chanting, just a simple breathing meditation can help you reset and help to not take stresses or frustrations from one thing to the next. Not sure where to start? Get an app to guide you.  
  • Be Grateful – such a simple thing, but it can have a massive impact on how you see and react to things. Starting a grateful journal or simply just saying why you are grateful at the start and end of the day either to yourself or a loved on, will reframe your mind to focus on the positive. Especially on tough days you should do this, so that you can train your mind and change perspective. Did you know including gratitude as part of your daily practice can help to reduce depression, lower blood pressure, and even increase energy and happiness. Think about what you are thankful for and remind yourself daily.
  • Drink More Water – water is essential for the kidneys to function, it boosts your metabolism and helps the body properly break down food. The amount you should drink a day depends on your weight, activity level, and the climate you live in. However as a rough guide you should be aiming for around 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated. Keep water by your bed, have a glass with each meal and set a goal and try to stick to it each day.  

Next week we will discuss the final five steps.

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