Ambulance and Patient Transport Services

Immediate Care Medical are a leading CQC registered ambulance service supporting Private Clients, NHS & Other Ambulance Providers with high quality patient transfers including routine patient transfers, emergency transportation and treatment services throughout the UK.

Ensuring person-centred care is delivered throughout the journey, our service levels are individualised to ensure that the right team and resource is there to cater for the patients needs.

All our ambulances are equipped to the highest standard for patient transfer services with automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs), monitors, oxygen facilities and are fitted with access ramps and floor tracking to enable the safe transportation of wheelchair patients.

More than just an ambulance transfer, we continue the care or therapeutic interventions in transport, keeping gaps in care delivery to a minimum.

Front Line / 999 / A&E

ICM works in partnership with an array of NHS and private ambulance services, co-ordinating and delivering urgent and emergency patient journeys requiring Paramedics, Nurses and Technicians. We provide a safe, highly suitable and efficient service.

We work with hospitals, care homes, surgeries, NHS Trusts and private clients.

All of our medical professionals are trained to the highest standards, and have years of front line and emergency experience. Each of our ambulances are “blue light” enabled, fully equipped to the latest capabilities and compliant with government standards.

Repatriation Transfers

Repatriation is for patients who fall ill or are injured abroad - this medical service involves transferring patients nationally or internationally to their home, to hospital or to further care. This service requires continuity of care to be upheld, with minimum disruption, whilst the patient journey progresses to and from their destination.

We offer a 24-hour repatriation service and our highly skilled medical staff will look after the patient’s requirements every step of the way. Being in the right place of care, or simply in care nearer to home can have a huge impact on the outcome for both the patient and their families.

Emergency Transfers

Critical Care transfers are scheduled for patients who require pre-hospital patient care, ongoing clinical care, or potential interventions during their journey, travelling between, or going to an intensive care units.

Our ambulances are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Our highly trained paramedics and technicians will ensure the very best 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 support is given for the patients journey, with our focus on compassion and patient care and protection.

Non-Emergency Patient Transfers

We offer ambulance services to patients for planned appointments from home, care facility or a hospital to anywhere a patient needs due to their medical requirements. Our experienced staff offer compassion and dignity, together with exceptional medical care.

The care that a person requires can vary in complexity, and we can adapt to meet the needs of every individual’s care-plan, ensuring that the most appropriate level of medical professional is providing care throughout the entire journey by our highly-skilled team.

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