The Importance of a Workplace First Aid Kit

Of course, you cannot predict when an accident will happen, but you can certainly be prepared for one and ensure you have everything you need to help in an emergency situation such as a First Aid Kit.


How To Make Medical Training Transferable

By Mark Wiggett

As the Training Manager at ICM I often get asked how do you make first aid training transferable, so that when people leave the training room, they not only remember vital information and skills, but they have the confidence to put what they learnt into practice in real life.

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Restart a Heart Day – The Importance of CPR

Today is restart a heart day – an annual day of action created by the Resuscitation Council UK with the aim to teach vital life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills to as many people as possible. 

As a medical training and event support provider we specialise in teaching CPR and other first aid skills to everyone from first aiders, first responders, local businesses to children from 4-11 years through our Flat Stan workshops.

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How to Keep Festival Safe This Summer

If you are heading to a festival this summer, make sure you take the steps to plan and prepare before you head off, tent on back and glow sticks in hand, so that you, your mates and your things are kept safe at all times.  Fun is the goal, however safety should always be at the top of your priorities.

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Top tips for people taking on a fun run this summer

If you are taking on a fun run this summer, then firstly, congratulations – what a great thing you are doing for yourself, and of course for the charity or organisation you are supporting. Now, whilst it is good to challenge yourself, you certainly don’t want to cause yourself any pain or injury. So here are some tips for training for your event.

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Who You Gonna Call? 999, 111, 112 or 101?

Most people will of course know the number 999 – it’s the number we know to call when there is an emergency – whether we need to reach the police, ambulance or fire service. When it comes to medical advice and response, do we really need 999? Do you know what the numbers 111, 112 and 101 are for, and more importantly when to call them?

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8 Questions About Giving Blood You Always Wanted to Know

Giving blood is a vital service that helps to maintain a regular supply of all blood groups and types to help hospitals, and patients who need it. Quite simply, it saves lives.

Often people are unsure about the process and worry about how to book it, if it will hurt or take too much time out of their day – we are all super busy nowadays!

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