Specialist Medical, Ambulance & First Aid Provision at Events

We work with event organisers and venue owners to plan and manage your medical requirements in line with national requirements. We are regulated and inspected by the care quality commission to deliver both medical treatment and transport services. This is the same regulation held by all NHS ambulance services.

We are able to eliminate hundreds of hours of NHS service time each year by providing quick and effective onsite assessment, treatment and transport. We take the pressure and stress away from event organisers by providing an exceptional team for your event who are equipped to deal quickly and effectively with both serious accidents, minor injuries, illnesses and ailments.

Our primary focus is to ensure peace of mind to our clients, to provide the highest level of care to event participants and to reduce risk by providing an experienced team with correct resources so that your event is medically safe and secure.

Resources we EXCEL at

Skilled Personnel

- First Responders
- Emergency Medical Technicians
- Associate Ambulance Practitioners (AAP)
- NMC Nurses with Pre-Hospital Experience
- HCPC Paramedics
- Advanced Care Practitioners
- Doctors with Pre-Hospital and A&E Experience

Response Cars

Kitted out to the same standards as the NHS vehicles. These are deployed to reach patients quickly and start immediate care.


Offering the same specifications at NHS ambulances that respond to 999 calls. Fitted with blue lights and sirens to either reach or transport patients quickly when required.

4x4 Vehicles

Our 4x4 stretcher carrying vehicles and response vehicles to carry a range of specialist equipment to safely extricate patients from hard to reach areas.

Medical Centres

Our “pop-up” centres that can turn any space into a temporary medical centre. We can equip them with a full range of equipment including lighting and heating to ensure they can run 24/7 at any time of the year.

Businesses and Events We Support

Event Medical Cover

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