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Event Medical Cover

Specialist First Aid Medical Cover

Immediate Care Medical specialise in providing highly specialist first aid medical cover including private ambulances for a range of indoor and outdoor participative sporting events and festivals. As a CQC registered provider, we can facilitate both on-site and off-site care where required.

We aim to provide our clients with a level of medical cover that surpasses expectations, we provide high quality, patient care and provide services to both large and small events across the UK.

Depending on your requirements we can provide Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses with pre-hospital experience, Ambulance Technicians / Associate Practitioners and qualified First Responders. All events start with a client-led risk assessment to help us to determine a safe level of medical cover for your event.

We can also provide the following resources at your event:

Specialist services such as all-terrain vehicles can also be provided where poor vehicle access due to crowds is expected

For those events where a medical plan is required, ICM can produce a full document for local authority presentation, and includes liaison with local NHS resources to ensure seamless event integration

You can use our online form to book or enquire, or you can download our Pre-Event Assessment Form to fill in and send to us.

Event First Aid

We can provide a team of first aid medical professionals supported by a medical support unit, A&E ambulances equipped to NHS Cat A standards, PTS vehicles, 4×4 vehicles and response cars.

Festival Cover

We offer a comprehensive range of medical cover for large festivals and gatherings including first aid professionals, ambulance services, first responders and more.

Film & TV Cover

Immediate Care Medical provides first aid medical services for all TV and filming projects whether it be indoors, on set or on location.

School Sports First Aid

We provide highly experienced professional first aid cover for school sporting events, such as sports days, competitive matches and more.

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