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During the COVID-19 pandemic, here at Immediate Care Medical we saw big changes in the way we had to work. We were asked to support the NHS, working alongside their ambulance crews – such as the East England Ambulance Service Trust – to transport and care for patients. We needed an improved system to deal with the increased numbers of staff on our books, and have partnered with HomeBase Employee Scheduling app – with amazing results!

This meant we had to make big changes to the way that we organised our staff and allocated shifts; and it was important that this was done effectively and efficiently from the start. We had to deal with increased demand for our staff and get them out there serving the public as soon as possible!

We evaluated five different scheduling systems and chose HomeBase. We’ve been working with them ever since. The HomeBase Employee Scheduling app has been indispensable, for everyone at Team ICM; empowering team members to self-manage shifts; reducing the burden to office personal; allowing us to create and promote a team-work culture whilst working remotely; and effectively communicate with head office, which can often be 200 miles away! In this time, when social distancing has been so important, HomeBase has been a lifeline for us.

We now provide a 24/7 ambulance service to the NHS with HomeBase at the centre of our operation. To put this in perspective, through the system we are able to publish approximately 300 vacancies – which add up to more than 4000 hours of labour – per month. We can travel 3200 miles every month, serving hundreds of patients. Working with their Customer Success desk, we have been able to work together, constantly improving and stream-lining the services that we offer.

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